Saturday, October 15, 2005

Reconsidering life
Life can be considered as a set of images, every single person has his own. It's like observing a certain pictures through filters of different colours, through lenses of different magnification powers,through mirrors of different curvatures.Each will bring out an image which you will of course find different from all the others.
This is not actually the case with different persons only.It exists as well for the same person
The difference between your own images can be very distinct when you are in different moods.
What if your image of life is so blurred and you hate it that way
I have a way by which you can change your own filter.Believe me and give it a try!
--Try to feel everything you do ,everything around you.Even if not all the time.The little of it initiates more.You can feel better just like you can hear better when you approach the cassette or raise it's volume.You can monitor it
--Try to unify all your senses into one large almost complete sense by which you can see,touch,smell,hear and taste every single trivial about whatever you do or even about yourself.
Put this big sense always in action.
If you really need a prescription together we can reach one.I can help you to the outlines and draw the first scene for you and you'll find yourself colouring it and drawing the rest of your own.
close your me!
Order your brain to stop striving.
Breathe slowly
Allow every part of you to relax
Smell the air
Feel it flowing into your body
Try to touch it
Think of how light you really are
Rise with the air around you
Still your eyes closed?
Think of something sweet.
Found it? Of course there is.
Just search well!!
Now! what can you see? A place? A person?Which colours?
Concentrate on the trivials
Every single part
Think of how sweet it can be
How can you take part in this image?
Which role will you play?
Think of every part of the image.
How do you feel about them?
Which taste?Which odour?and what can you hear?
All this won't take except few minutes unless you like it to be more.
Our souls need many nutrients just like our bodies.Allow your soul to be free beyond the doors of your body and the windows of your eyes.
Few minutes won't be too much and your soul will be grateful.
If you don't like it and feel it's just fluffy talk.Beat it. Cordially try to do it and prove its failure.
La brize

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