Friday, September 16, 2005

I'm used to being a kangaroo
It was 13 years ago when I met my first kangaroo.It was on TV.I asked mum about the name of such animal and she told me "It's a kangaroo".The word was really difficult and so I didn't repeat it again,but I was shocked. I thought I knew all the animals that exist.Plus this kangaroo was not in the zoo.Where did it come from then?
Mum told me that it's tall and fast.He is one of the animals that can walk on two legs only.She also told me that he has a pocket where he keeps his kids and there was really one there with a head and upper limbs shown.
As time passes I got to realize that I myself am a kangaroo.Yes I do have a pocket inside which I keep something from and for me just like the kangaroo's kid.
This thing is hope.A 3-d hope which can be "a watch" which I hope to have,&work for.By time my little into-the-pocket-kid developed into "being a doctor" to"Having a kingdom of my own"
I keep all of these in my pocket .when people see me coming with the head and upper limbs shown they think that all what I carry is so small and I myself felt the same when stood between them.Only the inhabitants of my pocket knew the truth.
Now I know I can't be going with an empty pocket and that's why I make a periodical check over its contents.On my last search I found a small hidden old picture.It was of me with only my head and upper limbs shown.I was in the pocket of some other kangaroo.
La brize

the last line is odorable.
i can b a kangroo too by the way!
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