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Since the creation of humans, it has been obvious how so curious man is, otherwise we won’t have been able to discover the surroundings and reach what we’re in now. And till now we’re even more eager to know and discover more about every topic, even more than before.
But when the proverb “curiosity killed the cat ” was said, have they really meant the human eagerness for knowledge???
One day while I was talking with one of my friends, she told me about an incidence that happened to her when she was small. At their house there used to be a forbidden drawer in one of the cupboards, where they were not allowed to open it and of course she used to dream about all the surprises she’d find in it and the day she’d be able to open it. One day when she was alone with her brother at home, she decided that it’s her chance to open it, and although her brother warned her she didn’t listen and Oops! She was injured by a blade present there and of course was punished. I smiled when she told me remembering a similar incidence and said ‘curiosity killed the cat’, then – and I don’t know why – I realized that her brother was not as much eager as her to open it!!!!!
“Curiosity killed the cat”… think with me about it. Why have they chosen the cat in such proverb? Is it because it is kind of audacious* more than other animals? Or may be it was just figurative and they’ve meant in that case the woman?? Haven’t the ancients used to compare women to cats (delicate, moody, wild, lazy, care about their appearance…) and men to dogs (faithful, boldness, courage, patient…)? ... So may be they really mean the women.
Note I totally disagree with the last two lines!!!
In my opinion both men and women are so curious but in different ways where men are more reasonable –to some extent- and women curiosity is always for secrets and the forbidden which in most cases of no use-except for themselves of course-!!! .

Before you object or begin to wonder let me share with you 2 stories, where one is real and everyone know while the other is from the Greek mythology, and then decide what you’ll say.

1-Adam, Eve and the apple tree
Do I really have to write it? I guess all of you know how Eve was so curious to take an apple from the tree although it was forbidden by God and how she was the cause of her and Adam leaving heaven. Although Adam was in the same situation, he was never as curious as her.

2-Pandora & her box
Have any of you read such myth*? It’s really so amazing.
When ‘Prometheus’ (one of the titanes*) ruled the earth, he wanted to teach men (the morals*) lots of things to make their life happier. So he stole the fire from the Olympus (Gods’ mountain) since it was specialized for Gods only. That made Zeus(the lord of all gods) mad about him so he decided to punish him for his presumption* in disobeying the rules, and man for accepting the gift, by giving them one more gift which was Pandora-the first moral woman-to bring havoc* to man.
Pandora (means: the all gifted) was given something from each god to make her perfect (e.g. Venus gave her beauty, Hephaestus gave her voice, Hermes gave her persuasion* …etc.), then she was sent to Prometheus who was aware of what the gods could be preparing and refused the gift. But when his brother Epimetheus saw her beauty he accepted the gift- although warned by his brother not to take anything from the Olympians- and he decided to marry her.
In Epimetheus house was a box-another gift from the Olympians- which he kept sealed and warned Pandora not to open it.
But every day Pandora wondered what was in the box and she was extremely curious that she couldn’t bear not to know its contents. So she pulled the cover off.

As soon as the box was opened, all of the evil and mistrust flew out in to the world together with danger, anger, tears, envy*, revenge, spite*…etc.
Pandora quickly replaced the cover back but it was too late since all the contents of the box have escaped out except only one thing that has lay at the bottom of the box and wasn’t able to get out which was hope.

As you’ve seen in both stories the woman was curious more than it should’ve been and was the one who brought misery to human race(due to curiosity).
Of course there are more stories that prove such theory and at the same time there are exceptions that contradict it. But in my view the women now differ greatly from that time and although they still have the same level of curiosity, the civilization and the life we’re facing now gave some commonsense to every step we take.

I don’t know what your opinion is but I’ll be happy to receive your comments.
*audacious: متهور *myth: أسطورة *titanes: المردة *morals:الفانين، البشر *presumption:جراءة *havoc: خراب
*persuasion: القدرة على الإقناع *envy:حسد *spite: حقد

If curiosity had killed 100 cats
one of them must have reached something worth the death of the other 99.
very nice, i learned a lot, i am very happy to discover your blog
wow, all evil spread around the world by ? Women of course! Sure, this is how a man's world should be like.
Curiosity...that's what men are afraid of in general. They don't want to let go of their power and the ruling thumb on women. I learned also a lot here but not in a positive way. `it's MALEmade well as the Adam and Eve story and the hidden truth as well as the Greek mythology. It was well known that greek males were very much womenhaters. So are many of the males of today's world thinking they are something better and have the right to abuse and use women and tell them even that they are better ones if they do as they are told. Men are smart but women are not that dumb and silly as men like to think. so curiosity saved millions of women in this earthly life to discover the real truth behind the curtain of lies made by men/males.
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